Fit & Flock Saddles

Measure your horse for a saddle with our step by step guide and template kit.


Book a saddle fitting in Kent & Sussex 07368 496315 with a fully qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant.

Stock of used saddles plus saddle flocking and stitching services available.

Workshop and used saddle shop in Maidstone.

Riding facilities onsite if you wish to bring your horse.

50 x 30 fibre/sand ménage with set of show jumps/cross country course.

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Fit & Flock Saddles | Horse Saddle Fitting Template

How it works

This website is dedicated to helping you understand your horses saddle fitting needs.

The custom Fit & Flock Template Kit is available for £15.00 including delivery on various retail platforms. Please click the links below to purchase.

You can check out the free step by step instructional videos or blog page before you purchase the kit.

Using this kit you will get 5 important measurements for you and your horse:

  • Shoulder Width (Narrow to 4X Wide)
  • Wither Height (Relevant for tree design)
  • Back Profile (Relevant for panel design)
  • Horses Maximum Panel Length (Understanding weight bearing area)
  • Maximum Rider Seat Length (If a custom saddle is needed)

Having this level of detail about your horse will help you:

  • Understand what tree type your horse needs.
  • Understand the width and max length of saddle your horse needs.
  • If you need a custom design due to your leg length versus horses max panel length.
  • Find specific brands that cater to your horse’s needs.
  • Send detail to a saddle fitter for tree adjustments or source suitable used saddles from a professional.

Step 2 on this website will explain how to access the free support videos.

Step 3 on this website will explain how to make contact or arrange a consultation.

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Fit & Flock Saddles | Horse Saddle Fitting Template